Selected publications

(* denotes peer-reviewed publication)

*Gibb R., Browning E., Glover-Kapfer P., Jones K.E., 2018. Emerging opportunities and challenges for passive acoustics in ecological assessment and monitoring. Methods in Ecology & Evolution (🔓 open access link)

Fishing for Sound: An Interview with Chris Watson. British Ecological Society Bulletin, September 2018.

*Gibb R., Redding D.W., Chin K.Q, Blackburn T.M., Newbold T., Jones K.E., 2018. Effects of land use on zoonotic host communities: a global correlative analysis. Meeting Abstract, Lancet Planetary Health (🔓 open access link)

*Mac Aodha O., Gibb R., Barlow K., Browning E., Firman M., et al., 2018. Bat Detective – Deep Learning Tools for Bat Acoustic Signal Detection. PLoS Computational Biology (🔓open access link)

Lock The Studio, Turn Out The Lights: Basic Channel, 25 Years On. The Quietus, May 2018 (read)

Gibb R., Kanngieser A., Rekret P. In sonic defiance of extinction. Essay, Turmoil CTM Magazine 2018 (🔒 link, contact me for a PDF).

Quantum Natives: Inside The Dream Worlds. The Wire 406, 2017, cover feature (PDF).

‘Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!’ Essay on the sounds of London, invited contribution alongside essays by Mark Fisher, Adam Harper and Mark Terkessidis. In Signal The Future, ed. Georg Gatsas, 2017, 232pp. London/Zurich: cpress/Loose Joints. (buy the book here or contact me for a PDF of the essay. Press: BBC, Saiten).

*Browning E., Gibb R., Glover-Kapfer P., Jones K.E., 2017. Passive acoustic monitoring in ecology and conservation. WWF Conservation Technology Series 1(2), WWF-UK, Woking. (link)

*Gibb R., Moses L.M., Redding D.W, Jones K.E., 2017. Understanding the cryptic nature of Lassa fever in West Africa. Pathogens & Global Health 6 (🔓 open access link)

*Gibb R., Shoji A., Fayet A., Perrins C., Guilford T., Freeman R., 2017. Remotely sensed wind speed predicts soaring behaviour in a wide ranging pelagic seabird. J. Roy. Soc. Interface 14 (132), 20170262 (🔒 link; contact me for a PDF)

Interview with Rabih Beaini, The Quietus, July 2017 (read)

Gibb R., Mac Aodha O., Jones K.E., 2016. Bat Detective: citizen science for ecoacoustic biodiversity monitoring. Environmental SCIENTIST 25(2), 12-18 (PDF)

“Why 2016’s Environmental Crisis Needs More Than The “Escapist” Planet Earth II”: Essay on John Akomfrah’s Vertigo Sea and Planet Earth II, The Quietus, 2016 (read)

Gaika: Sounds from the Megacity. The Wire 358, 2016, cover feature (PDF)

Brood Ma’s Daze. Lead album review, The Wire 2016. (PDF)

µ20: 20 Years Of Planet µ. Paperback book, 110pp, 2015. A 20-year history of one of the UK’s key electronic music labels, published by Planet µ as part of the µ20 3CD boxset. Read the footwork chapter here, or contact me for a PDF.

A Crushing Embrace With The Earth: Ecological Sound in 2015. Essay, The Quietus, 2015 (read)

Amplification Point: Unsound 2015 Reviewed. Essay/review, The Quietus, 2015 (read)

A World Of Interactions: The Evolving Sound of Living Symphonies. 2014 (read)

Lee Gamble: artist feature, The Wire, 2014 (PDF)

Hyperspecific: ‘Anti-Austerity Music’, The Quietus (read). My last instalment of the electronic music column I started in 2011, now ably taken over by Christian Eede (full Hyperspecific archive here).

Dark Matter: An Interview With Actress. Feature, The Quietus, 2014 (read)

Bristol’s New School: Young Echo and Livity Sound. The Wire 355, 2013, cover feature (PDF)

Subtext Roundtable: Emptyset’s James Ginzburg, Roly Porter and Paul Jebanasam. Interview feature, RBMA Daily, 2013 (read)

Burn Up The Floor: Pop And Politics In 2013 Dance Music. Comment, The Quietus, 2013 (read)

Rabih Beaini/Morphosis: artist feature, The Wire, 2013 (PDF)

A full archive of my Quietus writing from 2010 onward is here.