I am a global change biologist and (increasingly irregular) writer on sound, music and environment. I am interested in understanding how global environmental change is affecting both ecosystems and people, with a major research focus on the ecology and drivers of zoonotic and vector-borne disease, as well as generally on computational/quantitative ecology, biodiversity monitoring and modelling. My current doctoral research at UCL’s Centre for Biodiversity & Environment Research (2017-present) focuses on understanding and predicting effects of land use and climate change on wildlife-borne zoonoses, as well as specific work focused on the drivers and trends of Lassa fever in West Africa. I am also involved with several other ongoing ecological monitoring, modelling and citizen science projects, including iBats/Bat Detective and WWF-UK’s Conservation Technology Series. My work is mainly computational and quantitative, and typically involves combining big and/or messy ecological, epidemiological and satellite-derived datasets, Bayesian statistics, spatial, spatiotemporal and time-series modelling, machine learning, and probably maps. 

I’ve been writing critically and journalistically about sound and music since 2008, currently with bylines at The Wire and The Quietus (and assorted other outlets in the past). My higher-profile work has included several cover features for The Wire (most recently on the Quantum Natives collective) and µ20, a book on the history of UK label Planet Mu. Some other recent work has looked at links between sound, politics and environment, including written publications, radio, and presentations at Cafe Oto (programme notes) and Unsound Krakow. Previously I’ve worked in-house as a features editor and columnist at The Quietus, and features and copy writer at Rinse FM.  I’ve moderated panels and artist talks at The British Library, Unsound and Incubate,  hosted radio shows and/or produced mixes for Rinse FM, Resonance and NTS, and also written for labels including Mute, PIAS, Honest Jon’s, O Genesis, Leaf and Hessle Audio.

Get in touch at rory.j.gibb [at] gmail [dot] com, or via any of the social outlets below:

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